I grew up in both Germany and Italy, and I didn’t have as many toys as other kids around me. Despite that, I can barely remember the few toys I did have. Instead, I have much clearer memories of the people and moments of my childhood: like playing the game Sorry! with my great-grandmother, or the old Italian man who sold ice cream in the piazza, who always had my favorite flavor: lemon. Moments like these are the true gifts of our childhoods.

As a student at the University of Cambridge, studying Technology Policy, I realized that although parents do need digital technologies, above all children need parents who can help them create analogue play moments. That’s why Eliana and I created Bababoo and friends®: to provide intuitive and creative play partners for parents and children. For time together, lasts forever!



I grew up in Uruguay. My parents had the philosophy to give my siblings and me rather few but high quality toys. That’s why we took very good care of them and even my children play with some of them today. We always made up stories related to the toys. Today, when I see all the kids playing, in my imagination, I see a photo album with all the wonderful moments me and my friends had together.

After graduating from studying industrial design in Montevideo, Uruguay, I went to Germany. For more than 20 years I have been designing toys for children. It had always been my dream to create my own very special brand of toys that combine playing and reading and inspire children’s imagination to live out great stories. I didn’t just want to create toys, but rather ‘play experiences’. That’s how the early play-concept ‘PlayTales®’ was born. It conveys an educational meaning through Bababoo and his friends. It is an invitation for children and parents to dive together into the fantasy world of Bababoo and his friends, and create lasting memories. For a time together that lasts forever!

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