"Cuddle Up! It’s Bedtime!"


"Cuddle Up! It’s Bedtime!"

From 18 months

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It’s time to cuddle up in bed! But first, Miss Mali the firefly simply has to go and say good night to the little lion Bababoo and all her other friends. She covers up Wilma the whale, sings a lullaby to Yuki the monkey, gives Pippa the fairy bunny a good-night kiss and tickles Bababoo’s mane. What’s next? Miss Mali is so tired that she cuddles up in bed herself. Good night, little firefly. Sweet dreams!

- Invites children to seek and find

- Enhances language development

- Supports everyday family life

A story for beginners, which parent and child can read aloud and look at together. Ideal for bedtime reading. For children from 18 months.



Little Castle Stacking Toy Little Castle Stacking Toy
Little Castle Stacking Toy $27.50

From 18 months

Our colorful "Little Castle" Stacking Toy contains various geometric shapes that encourage children to build diverse, imaginative structures. We've also included windows in the building set that your budding architect can include as an additional element in their building designs! Some of the blocks have fluted edges that make it more challenging for children to put them together The different shapes, colors and construction possibilities stimulate creativity and train hand-eye coordination.
Whale Wilma Stacking Toy Whale Wilma Stacking Toy
Whale Wilma Stacking Toy $32.99

From 18 months

Wilma dreams on her swim ring and suddenly loses sight of her friends. Fortunately, she has a wonderful idea how everyone can find each other quickly! The colorful Bababoo and friends® stacking games are ideal for little stacking artists. For babies it is about exploring different building blocks at an early stage, later the child likes to examine the different parts of a whole while playing in order to create one of the many possible variants. The "Whale Wilma" plug and stack game offers a multitude of educational advantages for toddlers. Stacking involves solving a puzzle and assigning colors and shapes. Initial knowledge about the ocean is also imparted. The darker the blue of the water, the deeper the sea! The topic enables young researchers to find answers to important questions and thus encourages innovative and creative thinking.
Whale Wilma Pull Along Toy Whale Wilma Pull Along Toy
Whale Wilma Pull Along Toy $32.99

From 12 months

With Wilma as a companion, your toddler will be drawn into every adventure! Our Whale "Wilma Pull Along" is a creative and exquisite take on an iconic children's learning toy. For sustainable and long-lasting stimulation of all sense: Whether crawling on the floor or taking their first steps, Whale Wilma is always there. Movable details, elements, and a bell encourage discovery, touch, and exploration. Dexterity and motor skills such as pulling, pushing, and grasping are encouraged in a playful way.
Friends Stacking Toy Friends Stacking Toy
Friends Stacking Toy $27.50

From 18 months

Bababoo found the best hiding place in his nursery. When Pippa and Yuki finally find him, Bababoo is fast asleep! The colorful Bababoo and friends® stacking games are ideal for little builders. Artfully designed wooden blocks in different shapes and sizes can be stacked on top of one another. Promotes motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Develops the understanding of cause and effect. Supports the learning of shapes and colors. Contains building blocks with different surface structures to promote sensory development. Allows children to see our characters from the world of Bababoo and friends® to recreate unforgettable scenes.